Pearhythm Recordsは精神の琴線に触れる様な、人生に寄り添う様な音楽を少しでも多くの方々に聴いて頂きたい、また音楽に関連する様々なアーティストの存在を知って頂きたい、創作された芸術作品を提供させて頂きたい、其々の活動を支援していきたいという目的をコンセプトに発足しています。
弊社WEB SITEの【Contact】よりDEMO音源も募集してますので宜しくお願い致します。

各種イベント事業の企画、 制作、興行及びその販売 他


[the spirit and nourish, support and provide a work of art nestling in life. ]

Pearhythm Records such as touch the heartstrings of the spirit, and I would like you to listen to many people the music, such as snuggle up to life even a little, and also would like to know the presence of various artists related to music, creation has been a work of art We want to be happy to provide, and we have established a purpose in concept in that we want to support the 其 ‘s activities.
Also, we want the encounter with the talented new artists.
We are looking also DEMO sound source than [Contact] of our WEB SITE so thank you.

Business contents
Planning, production, sale and export / import of music and video software. Cultural projects such as movies, music, art, etc.
Planning, production, entertainment and sale of various event projects, etc.